Why us….

We pride ourselves for providing you top tier, custom tailored, and timely tax advice. Serving both individuals and businesses with tax concerns, Collins Income Tax has emerged as the choicest alternative to large CPA and law firms providing tax services.  Tax return and information report filing requirements for cross-border situations, at both the federal and state levels, are highly complex. Failure to comply with the law’s reporting requirements can subject taxpayers to harsh IRS penalties.

Our expertise allows us to offer the complete gamut of U.S. compliance services, including tax return preparation for U.S:

  • Individuals
  • Corporations
  • Partnerships
  • Limited liability and private limited companies (LLCs and Ltd.s)
  • Cross-border fiscally transparent and hybrid/reverse hybrid entities
  • Trusts and estates

Whether your business is a small closely-held company or a large multinational enterprise with multiple subsidiaries, we can walk you through all your business and tax compliance needs. Call our Tallahassee office today at (850)391-7659.

Craig Geoffrey Collins