Don’t Spend the Full Amount of Your Return to File Your Taxes in Tallahassee

Don’t Spend the Full Amount of Your Return to File Your Taxes in Tallahassee

Find affordable services at Collins Income Tax Solutions

Craig Collins is not your typical number cruncher. He actually started out in the world of Physics! He then took a detour at preaching school, a right turn renovating and constructing homes, a left turn rebuilding old cars, boats and really anything with an engine but, along this windy road, Craig always had a knack for numbers. He would often come to the aid of anyone in need of accounting advice.

In 2009, Craig decided to begin preparing taxes professionally and by 2011 Collins Income Tax Solutions, LLC. was born. Craig’s unique business experiences have prepared him to understand the challenges that come with running a small business and he is eager to pass on these lessons.

Whether it’s your personal tax return or your small business accounting, let Collins Income Tax Solutions, LLC. be your choice for customizable and flexible tax services.

Collins Income Tax Solutions, LLC. is a neighborhood practice with just that kind of feel. We will take the time to personally get to know you and your business so that we can deliver the very best service with the very best tax plan and/or tax returns. We also have all the right tools to help you with business planning strategies and even take the worry and hassle of payroll off your hands.  No matter how many “left turns” Craig has to take to meet your accounting needs, he’s up for journey!

So, call or stop by.  Initial consultations are always free.

We’re open all year long to solve any tax issues that crop up throughout the year. Our office will help you handle all IRS and state tax return correspondence you may receive including letters and inquiries about your tax return and audits.

At any time, you can request copies of your paid tax returns for free.

Hire Collins Income Tax Solutions in Tallahassee, FL, and receive comprehensive help with your tax preparation needs.

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